Our Story

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Our Mission

The Oak Lawn Parks Foundation is a “not-for-profit charitable foundation supporting leisure and our environment.” Its mission is to provide for the continued enhancement of leisure programs, recreational services, park lands, historic properties, and to provide input for the development of sound environmental policies and practices for the Oak Lawn community. The foundation has been created to act as a community-wide advocate for open space, leisure and environmental preservation. The foundation seeks and welcomes all types of gifts, from cash to securities to real property, which it can hold and administer.

Board of Directors

  • Donald Andersen - Vice President
  • Lee Baxa
  • Gary Callahan
  • Phil Costello - Park District Liaison
  • Joe Cwiklinski
  • Dan Fadden
  • Bill Fairman
  • John Gonczy
  • Lenore Goodfriend
  • Sharyn Guerin
  • Paul Groah
  • Jerry Hurckes
  • Heather Huscher
  • Debbie Janicke - Secretary
  • Dan Johnson
  • Bob Kuenster
  • Steve Loulousis - President
  • Debbie Marshall
  • J. Quinn Mucker - Treasurer
  • Ed Plonis, Sr.
  • Jane Quinlan
  • Jeanny Shotas
  • Mike Sutko
  • Terry Vorderer
  • Vernon Zumhagen